Author: Emily Engleheart

IOTA – My Enemy

➤   11 June, 2019, 22:00

After a year and a half of relentless gigging with no recorded music to their name, Bristol’s indie rockers IOTA have finally released their debut single ‘My Enemy’. This strident critique of life in a society ‘brainwashed’...

Some Bodies Review – The Crofter’s Rights

➤   8 June, 2019, 11:04

Photo: Phil Smithies If you’re one for watching indie films, sipping white wine whilst munching on fish finger sandwiches, and having profound conversations about Tolstoy with strangers on a night out, chances are you’ll like Some Bodies....

Rival Karma Review – The Thunderbolt

➤   27 March, 2019, 09:28

Rival Karma delivered an evening of electrifying ‘ninja rock’ to a delighted crowd at The Thunderbolt. A genre invented by the band, ninja rock comes across as a blend of blues- infused stoner rock and southern rock....