#SaveThekla: Iconic Bristol music venue under threat

#SaveThekla: Iconic Bristol music venue under threat

#SaveThekla: Iconic Bristol music venue under threat

#SaveThekla: Iconic Bristol music venue under threat

One of Bristol’s iconic and loved music and club venues, Thekla is under threat from proposed residential development plans across the Harbour in Redcliffe.

The award-winning venue, moored in the Mud Dock area of Bristol’s Floating Harbour has been a staple in the city for many years, playing host to bands both local and touring from all over the world, while also hosting genre themed and student club nights. Thekla’s future could be at risk due to proposed residential plans at Redcliffe Wharf, turning three derelict buildings into ‘affordable’ homes, plus business and leisure space.

This unfortunately news is becoming a growing trend where music venues are being threatened of closure by nearby housing developments and noise complaints from residents. It has been estimated that 35% of grassroots music venues across the UK have closed down between 2008 and 2015.

Other Bristol venues have been similarly threatened and have battled to stay open in the face of housing plans, including The Fleece, which launched a petition three years ago to continue running.

Organisations such as DHP, UK Music and Music Venues Trust are campaigning to try and keep the historic venue afloat. Mark Davyd of the Music Venues Trust commented:

“Sensible and adequately-planned residential development near to grassroots music venues like the Thekla mean that residents and music lovers can co-exist.”

DHP, which owns Thekla, has raised several concerns over the development plans, including the ‘woefully inadequate’ noise assessment by the developers and the prospect of insufficient sound proofing in the building process leading to complaints about noise from residents.

Social media support via the hashtag #SaveThekla has been growing so please join us and many in saving Bristol’s beloved venue.

Our beloved ship is under threat from proposed residential developments across the harbour in Redcliffe. Across the…

Posted by Thekla Bristol on Monday, 6 November 2017