The Feed: Amber Arcades, Aaron Douglas, THØSS and more

The Feed: Amber Arcades, Aaron Douglas, THØSS and more

The Feed: Amber Arcades, Aaron Douglas, THØSS and more

The Feed: Amber Arcades, Aaron Douglas, THØSS and more

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Photo: Nick Helderman

With festival season well and truly underway, it’s all the better for another round-up of new music releases to accompany your festival playlists. So check out some the best new tracks of the last 7 days.

Amber Arcades – Wouldn’t Even Know (ft. Bill Ryder Jones)

We do love a duet, and this one is nothing short of spectacular. Amber Arcades is set to release her new EP Cannonball next month and has shared this collaboration with Bill Ryder-Jones to much delight. ‘Wouldn’t Even Know’ truly shines in the pair’s vocal delivery, accompanying the light drumming and hazy guitars that all make for a perfect summer listen.

Aaron Douglas – Fix

A welcoming return for Bristol singer-songwriter Aaron Douglas with his new single ‘Fix’ – providing a taster of what’s to come from his forthcoming EP. A completed and well-rounded sound that fills with joy; backing harmonies and class percussion that make for a warm indie feel before Douglas’ soulful vocal provides a sparkling touch to the music. A promising piece and one that has certainly got our ears hooked.

THØSS – Work Is A Four Letter Word

This one peaked our interest earlier in the week, an explosive introduction from singer-songwriter THØSS with his single ‘Work Is A Four Letter Word’. Packing all the soul, grooves and basslines you want, this track thrives from every note, led by the singer’s incredibly slick vocals that’ll swoon you in seconds.

Something Anorak – Brahminy Kites

We do like surprises, so when Something Anorak dropped a new track right before the weekend we were all over it. Their first piece in a good while, ‘Brahminy Kites’ not only brings back the energetic raw sounds that we know and love but things have evolved with bigger guitar lines and heavier drums – indicated a change of pace perhaps? Either way, it’s brilliant from the Bristol duo and we couldn’t be happier.

Doldrums – Heater

Following 2015 album The Air Conditioned Nightmare, Montreal’s Doldrums is back with his new album Esc out next month. ‘Heater’ taken from the forthcoming record is a step up from his previous ventures, involving more abrasive production and sonic tuition, resulting in this electronic beast ready for the heavy speakers. So plug in a blast away to this banger!

Cristobal and the Sea – Goat Flokk

Cristobal and the Sea have announced their new album Exitoca and shared new song ‘Goat Flokk’. More pop like than usual as the band’s continental influences all blend to form their thriving sound; this is joined by a music video which calls for “something surreal, fast-paced and random” – matching to the album’s opinionated theme as the group touch on global political issues. Overall contemporary pop that’s original and holds nothing back.

She Makes War – I Want My Country Back

In cased you missed it on Friday, She Makes War released her new track ‘I Want My Country Back’ in wake of the general election happening on 8th June. With less than a day in registering to vote, this has come at the right time as the Bristol artist bites back at todays ongoing challenges affecting the country. Unapologetic and powerful; listen below and if you have yet to register to vote please do so here.