Behind The Scene Live Podcast - Rough Trade Bristol

Bristol Creatives Host Behind The Scene Podcast

Behind The Scene Live Podcast - Rough Trade Bristol

Bristol Creatives Host Behind The Scene Podcast

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with Behind The Scene who launch their first bi-monthly podcast on Tuesday 17th April at Rough Trade Bristol.

The podcast, hosted by Bristol singer Ruth Royal and BBC music reporter/presenter of The Bristol Music Show Harriet Robinson will introduce a live panel discussion on advice and industry tactics with a number of professionals right from the heart of the creative industries.

The first panel, which focuses on songwriting will see both Ruth and Harriet joined by Kanan Keeney, who wrote ‘Late Nights And Heart Breaks,’ the Hannah Williams track that was sampled as the title track of JAY-Z’s album 4:44; Annie Gardiner, founder of the label, Crystalfuzz, and Bristol singer-songwriter Emily Isherwood (formerly Nugget) as they talk with guests about the industry and the mysteries behind what gets artists on the road to success.

The podcast is set to be bi-monthly, recorded live and available on all streaming platforms with the idea to encourage discussion and for people to network with industry peers before presented with a live performance from a special guest. This month’s guest is your host, Ruth Royall.

We’ll be supporting Behind The Scene by featuring the podcasts on this website and our Soundcloud page so that our readers and fellow audiences can listen back to the informative panel discussions and live performances.

Ahead of the first event on Tuesday, we spoke with the team on how Behind The Scene came about, what to expect from the live panel discussions and what the future holds for the project.

What was it that led to you coming together and deciding to do Behind The Scene?

We wanted to create a resource for aspiring creatives which was fun and accessible. We’re all involved in various artistic projects ourselves, and we’ve all experienced a fair amount of hazy information about the best approach is. We wanted to create a platform which would provide straight talking, honest advice from industry professionals. Being a creative is a really valid profession and we want to show how it’s done.

What will each podcast look like?

Each podcast will cover a different subject. In the first one, we’ll be discussing songwriting and inviting panel of songwriters to share their insights. Every other month we’ll hold a live event, and record the podcast in front of a live audience.

There will be a chance to ask questions and network after the panel and then, at the end of the evening, we’ll hold a live show. The panel will be recorded for the podcast and will be free to download, only people with tickets to the event will be able to attend the live show.

This show will vary depending on the topic of the podcast. For instance for songwriting, we’re going to have a live band, for fashion, a fashion show, for acting, a theatre piece etc. Not all the podcasts will be in front of a live audience, some will be recorded in studio with special guests. We have a Patreon account set up where people are able to send in questions for our guests to answer in our studio podcasts, as we want to encourage as much interaction as possible.

What kind of people will be appearing with you on the podcast?

We have a range of guests appearing on the podcasts. We want to show all levels of the industries from very successful to aspiring. It’s all interesting to us! Our first podcast include panellist Kanan Keeney who wrote ‘Late Nights And Heart Breaks’, for the internationally acclaimed artist Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, which was sampled on the title track of JAY-Z’s album 4:44, that got nominated at the 2017 Grammys in the category of “Best Song”.

Where will it be and how often?

The first live event will be at Rough Trade Bristol on the 17th of April. Tickets are available from eventbrite and Ruth Royall will be performing with her live band at the end of the evening.

Every other month we aim to record one in front of a live audience. For the months in between we will be putting out our studio podcasts where our Patreons will be able to submit questions to our guests. All the podcasts will be free to download on iTunes and Spotify and you can sign up as a Patreon here:

How would you ideally like it to develop in the future?

We would love to take the show on tour! It would be great to take it to Universities around the country as we feel it would be a great resource for students.

A wonderful package all under one roof. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for just £7. Tickets are available to buy here.

Be sure to visit our podcast section for the recording of the first Behind The Scene Podcast.