Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Avante Black

Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Avante Black

Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Avante Black

Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Avante Black

Photo: Olivia Richardson

Dot to Dot Festival returns to Bristol on 27th May and we couldn’t be more excited. Ahead of the award-winning music event this month, we’re kicking off our mini series of interviews on some of the artists set to perform at the festival. First up are London based Swedish alt-pop outfit Avante Black, fronted by singer-songwriter Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten. Find out a little more about them below and have a listen to new single ‘Make A Mess’.

Introduce yourselves, how did it all start?

It started with a few recordings I had scrapped together. I found Emil and Dean and we started jamming together. After a few months of drum/guitar cacophony we found Gabs to fill the gaps and the songs started to shape. I was so shy in the beginning, playing with the boys helped my confidence grow and my song writing improve and here we are now.

Describe your sound?

I used to have so many issues that I hated my voice, I thought it sounded way too sweet. I find a way of mixing dirty-fuzzy sounds with the electronic synths. So I’d say dirty sweet fuzzpop? haha

You’re performing at this year’s Dot to Dot Festival, What are you looking forward to the most?

Seeing all the cities and performing to a new crowd. Will be exciting to see the response.

What are you hoping to take away from the festival?

Just further experience, we’re still learning about the music and about ourselves. Hoping to come back with some fresh inspiration for more tunes. Being on travelling foot always spirals my creativity.

Are there any bands you are looking forward to seeing at the festival?

The Growlers OBVs. They’re one of my absolute favourite bands. Also just discovered Cosmo Pyke – would love to catch him live.

For people attending, where can people catch your set?

Lastly for our readers and everyone else, where can people check out/access your music?

On Soundcloud and Spotify. Should also check out our music videos on YouTube, got a fresh one coming for the new single real soon!