Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Jesse Terry

Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Jesse Terry

Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Jesse Terry

Dot to Dot Festival 2017: Jesse Terry

Get to know New England based singer-songwriter Jesse Terry ahead of his performance at this year’s Dot to Dot Festival.

Introduce yourself, how did it all start?

Hey I’m Jesse Terry, a New England based singer-songwriter, exploring the world and creating music. I was in art school when I started writing songs. Once I got the music bug, I dropped out of art school and focused all of my attention on music. It consumed me and I realised that I needed it. I still feel the same way today and I’ve never looked back.

Describe your sound?

I love all kinds of great songwriters, but everything starts with the Beatles for me. Perfection. I think my sound is Abbey Road meets Laurel Canyon, especially on my upcoming album Stargazer which feels wide open to me, creatively and melodically. I love my classic influences, but I’m always striving to write songs that are new, creative and fresh. I want my recordings to feel the same way. I’m not interested in making sound-alike records or writing sound-alike songs. Some of my influences will always shine through in my music, but I always want to bring something new to the table.

You’re performing at this year’s Dot to Dot Festival, What are you looking forward to the most?

I love festivals because we get to connect with so many fellow artists, bands and music lovers. There is a connection there that is different than a regular show at a venue. I really look forward to exploring these places, meeting lots of new folks and hearing lots of great music from my fellow artists. And of course I’m stoked to perform my music in three different places.

What are you hoping to take away from the festival?

I hope to come away inspired and connected to a bunch of new friends and music lovers. I’m sure playing Dot to Dot will be another great piece of my career, which becomes a part of my life and my story. It’s all one big tapestry.

Are there any bands you are looking forward to seeing at the festival?

I’ve been listening to Sundara Karma, The Growlers, Amber Run and Pinegrove today and totally digging. Really creative, melodic and beautiful stuff. I listen to a few more acts each day with my morning coffee, so I can put together a schedule for myself as a fan, when I’m not playing. Listening to other bands and artists is so important and inspiring. It’s a great line-up at Dot to Dot.

Lastly for our readers and everyone else, where can people check out/access your music?

I have a bunch of tunes on my website, including some unreleased tracks.

I have four releases out so far, all available on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and all of the other usual suspects. I’m easy to track down on Facebook too.