Get To Know: Valita

Get To Know: Valita

Get To Know: Valita

Get To Know: Valita

We’re back with another edition of Boomsatsuma Presents: Eclectic Sessions and this time we have up and coming Bristol four-piece Valita.

Check out their session and interview with vocalist Hester Battin below, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more music updates.

When did you guys come together and start making music?

We started making music together in October having met in our college (Access To Music) in September. I had recently lost my last band in the summer which was the first version of Valita and was made up of me and another insanely talented girl called Ruth who I’d met in college the previous year. We were only made up of two guitars and we both did vocals, it sounded like a slightly prettier, more innocent version of the new Valita. So when me (Hester), Matt, Steve and Neil came together we started off rearranging the existing songs as a full band before we began to write our new material, the first song we all wrote together was ‘Vines’.

How would you describe your music?

We find it almost impossible to try and describe what we’re creating in a single or even a few genres, but we always end up saying something along the lines of super spacey, dark, ambient, shoegazey, psychedelic something or other.

Who are your main influences and how have they helped in shaping your sound?

When we began writing together we found it really hard to try and pinpoint who our influences are, but having written more songs now we have decided our main influences would probably be Beach House and Portishead.

We were all brought up in families with hugely varied musical influences and I think that comes across in our music, we never write with the sound of another band in mind but if we were to compare ourselves or be influenced by anyone, we think Portishead and Beach House would be the closest comparisons.

What are your thoughts on the Bristol music scene at the moment?

We all love Bristol and love how one of the biggest things to define the city is it’s music scene. It’s a really inspiring city to live in as young musicians. For me, the music scene in Bristol is being able to wander down Gloucester Road into Stokes Croft and be able to pop into one of the many bars where there will always be live music. However, being such a new band we’re still in the stage of building a fan base and I think to start to feel like you’re completely part of the Bristol music scene comes is when you’ve got a good amount of people regularly coming to your gigs and listening to your music, but of course it will take some time to get there!

What’s next for you guys? Any shows or releases planned?

We’ve all applied to go to BIMM in Brighton to start this September, and are all going through the auditioning stages at the moment – Matt and Steve have already been accepted with unconditional offers (show offs) so the pressure is on for the rest of us!

Musically, we’ve just finished recording an EP which is still being mixed and will be released when we think we’ve got the exact sound we hope to portray, so we’re not able to give a date about when the release will be but we hope for it to be within the next two months.

Because of the recording, gigs have taken a bit of a backseat, with our last planned gig being the 14th March at Leftbank, before this is released! But now the recording is finished we’re starting to look for more gigs and will always promote them on our bandpage on Facebook.