Interview: Husky Loops go live with debut EP

Interview: Husky Loops go live with debut EP

Interview: Husky Loops go live with debut EP

Interview: Husky Loops go live with debut EP

“I suppose you could roughly class them as post punk with strong psych elements but that really wouldn’t do justice to the sheer shock value of the music” – words on Husky Loops live performance at The Crofters Rights.

When we caught Husky Loops back in February supporting Estrons, they delivered a live sound that was thoroughly engaging. With numerous shows and well received acclaim on singles ‘Dead’ and ‘Fighting Myself’, the London based three-piece are ready to present their debut self-titled EP – bringing a new slice of riff-heavy alt-rock sounds.

We spoke to band member Daino to find out where it all began and a little more about the new EP.

When did you guys come together and start making music?

We met back home in Bologna but we started playing in London and making music in 2013/14 once we realised we wanted to be in a band all together. Happiness.

From Black Sabbath and Aphex Twin to D’Angelo, how have these eclectic influences helped you in shaping your sound?

I believe great music can inspire you in so many different ways, it’s never just about the genres, it’s what hides behind the artist’s ideas and the emotions a record can give you.

If you want to be specific about those dudes, I think Aphex just showed us you can do whatever the hell you want with your music. Sabbath just created their own mood and style and that itself is a very inspiring thing and D’angelo was a massive influence for the feel. If you listen to “Voodoo” when you’re going through an emotional period it just hurts, it’s like every single kick drum was meant to hit you hard in the chest and they managed to achieve that.

Your debut self-titled EP is out on 7th April. Could you tells us about the concepts/themes involved?

To me this EP represents the very start of this band.

It’s the best music we managed to create during the past year. It’s a great combination between what we can give live and what we can give in the studio.

It collects the ideas of the live shows but also what we want to experiment with with the production.

We record everything live, us three in a room, as we want to get the energy of the band (that is essential to us right now) but we also play a lot with the mixes as we have so many ideas.

It’s hard to tell you if there is a theme, I guess every song is connected because right now that is the sound we want to go for. But, as I said above, it’s just the beginning, and that is the very exciting thing…we can become whatever we want.

You’re set to support The Kills this summer, excited?

Very. Much. Indeed.

Lastly what’s next on the horizon for Husky Loops?

Writing playing writing and playing, playing while writing and writing while playing. Touring. Playing live. Keep developing new ideas and writing and playing and playing and writing. Eating cake sometimes.

Husky Loops debut self-titled EP is out on 7th April via Alcopop Records. The band are set to play Dot to Dot Festival this summer.