June Picks: Gravy Train Recordings

June Picks: Gravy Train Recordings

June Picks: Gravy Train Recordings

June Picks: Gravy Train Recordings

New month, new music! Miles Hastings from Bristol live music promotion and record company Gravy Train shares his favourite shows and releases coming up this June. Check out more of the label here.

6th – Froth – the Louisiana

Froth are a band who I’ve only recently been introduced to – after listening through their new record Outside (Briefly), I was instantly hooked by their dreamy melodies, guitar lines and sonically captivating shoegaze outbursts. In short, if you like Deerhunter and DIIV, you’re going to like Froth!

8th – Ulrika Spacek – Rise

Ulrika Spacek are a band I have known for some time. Having toured with them whilst in their old band, I have watched them develop as songwriters over the years, they have taken it to the next level with Ulrika Spacek. Their debut The Album Paranoia being one of my favourites last year; hypnotic and wonderful, yet so filthy!

Their new album Modern English Decoration is out 2nd June and you must get to Rise on 6th to watch them, you won’t be disappointed!

10th – Why? – Thekla

Why? second album Oaklandazulasylum was one of my favourite albums in my early teens – it was just so weird and like nothing I’d heard before. Released on the Anticon label, which played a huge part in getting me into experimental music in the first place. Unfortunately they will remain a mystery to me, as I will have to give their show a miss, but maybe that’s for the best! I strongly recommend going to watch them nonetheless.

17th – Dissolve 2 – The Sportsmans Bar

A night curated by Sonic Cathedral label’s noise-makers Spectres; expect a diverse range of experimental electronic/noise/trap music. If it’s anything like their last shindig, it’s going to be a night of unsettling sounds, yet very inspiring music, one not to be missed!

23rd – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder of the Universe (Release)

I saw these guys last year at Thekla and their energetic, well-oiled live performance completely blew me away! Murder of the Universe will be their second record this year. I think these days bands can be a bit too precious when it comes to writing and recording, there is a danger of overthinking and sucking all the life out in the process. King Gizzard are the kind of band where if they think it sounds neat, they’ll put it out and they’ll move onto the next thing!