Rae Morris Preview - Salisbury Art Centre

Rae Morris Review – Salisbury Arts Centre

Rae Morris Preview - Salisbury Art Centre

Rae Morris Review – Salisbury Arts Centre


1 October, 2017, 18:00

In: Live


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Standing proud in the centre of Salisbury, the church converted Arts Centre was tonight’s idyllic venue. Smooth electronic harmonies of the first support seep through the walls as we walk through the arched doors for a night of female fronted artists. Setting the tone of the night with light up shoes and pink hair, local solo artist Ever dances across the stage to her electronic pop samples and dreamy harmonised vocals. Her last song ‘Thunder’ has the crowd moving and nodding along to the snappy drum machine.

Second support Celeste fills the space with husky tones and hints of Amy Winehouse tinged melodies. The Brighton artist dons a black corset as she delivers an incredibly strong voice, silencing the crowd. Her song ‘Not For Me’ about unrequited love found on late nights out, holds genuine and relatable lyrics. The beginning of her next song ‘Milk & Honey’ lays the beautifully bare vocal foundation for the song to build on, until it has the room swaying and won over.

After a short break and with a gin & tonic in hand, it was time to head back in for the much-awaited return of headliner Rae Morris. The crowd now fuller and louder, Rae takes the stage in a frilly blue dress with hot pink tights, looking confident and excited. She opens with the emotive belter ‘Morne Fortuné’ from her most recent album Unguarded, starting the tight set off strong. Slipping straight into her single ‘Reborn’ and expressing Kate Bush style dance moves, Rae captivates the audience with the building chorus and stretched notes she holds with ease. Backed by a 4-piece band, the overall sound is full and intricate with synth melodies carried by both acoustic and electric drums.

Moving to a piano, the pace is slowed with stunning chord progressions and clean vocals of ‘Someone Out There’ filling the dim lit room – a welcoming contrast to the bubbly, fast pace songs before. Rae’s vocals are faultless and comfortable with every note. Back up and spinning across the stage, ‘Dancing With Character’ kicks in emulating Elton John qualities, a tune dedicated to the elderly people of her home town Blackpool. Digital harmonies take her luscious vocals to a fuller level with ‘Lower The Tone’ which is wholly pleasing to the ear when paired with the skilled full band.

As she exits the stage the crowd stamps and cheers to encourage the encore which contains her most recent single ‘Do It’. The hit makes the audience dance and chant along to the addictive chorus, ending the night on a vibrating high.

Rae Morris’ September tour is now over but we’re delighted to have seen it and can’t wait for what she accomplishes next.