Tungz Review - No.1 Harbourside

Tungz Review – No.1 Harbourside

Tungz Review - No.1 Harbourside

Tungz Review – No.1 Harbourside


23 August, 2017, 20:00

In: Live


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Bristol based funk offenders Tungz are a four-piece party, delivering phresh feel good disco grooves. Consisting of Nicky Green on keys/vocals, Ollie Horne on bass, Jamie Maier on guitar/vocals and Rick Holland on drums, never has there been a band with better taste in shoes. It’s worth seeing these guys live to check out their kicks.

Tungz played an unmissable free gig at No. 1 Harbourside on Friday night, opening with ‘Do U Like It’, the heavy sound of Nicky’s synth rattled the room and shattered my eardrums, followed by a jaunty riff from Jamie.

Second tune in was a reworked version of ‘Fruit’, a much more spacey version than the original with an elongated synth solo from Nicky, creating vibes that were out of this world. Having seen Tungz perform previously, it’s always a delight to watch them live and even more so when I hear new material. Third song in was a new (currently) instrumental piece titled ‘108 Disco Place’. When asked the significance of the ‘108’ in the title, Nicky said “after 107 version we finally feel we’ve got it to the place we want it to be”. With zesty tunes and infectious presence Tungz have cemented themselves as a memorable up and coming group on the Bristol music scene.

A slower number then followed;, ‘Window Love’, a moving synth lullaby climaxed at the end with a spine tingling vocals from Nicky. A delicate song with tender lyrics, ‘Window Love’ was a sentimental ode and truly emotive. The next track featured shared vocals between Nicky and Jamie, ‘My Baby Can’t Stand Being Alone’ which the band introduced as ‘a feminist power ballad’. With an aura of coolness and animated moves, Nicky is a born frontman, residing to the left of the stage with his gear. Rick’s vigorous drumming, pounding from the back of the stage; Ollie’s thunderous bass playing to the right and Jamie central-right, howling the lyrics akin to Little Richard. The group gelled together like brothers who genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.

Next up was ‘Touch’ followed by ‘The Silver’, both of which were reminiscent of a 70’s disco track and the latter having a Kool and The Gang vibe bass solo from Ollie. The pinnacle of the night being ‘Locked In Your Love’ was a disgustingly catchy jingle with dual vocals overriding one another. Their set left reveller’s chanting for more.

With funkier riffs than Jamiroquai and a charming performance from start to finish, Tungz are true heavyweights when it comes to Bristol music.