4th Project - Taking Me Over EP

4th Project – Taking Me Over EP

4th Project – Taking Me Over EP

Photo: Kitty Wheeler Shaw

An internet search for Bristol’s 4th Project reveals that the band have been playing together, live since 2015. Now in 2017, they release their debut EP Taking Me Over. In this, the trio have managed to write and produce some slick and sultry trip hop tinged, electronic soul music.

The clean, plucky guitar chords and warm bass of the title track are pleasant enough and are perfectly complimented by the sultry vocals of Fitzpatrick-Milton. It’s chorus is well constructed with a hook backed by an expansive sound that does its job well, leaving you humming the chorus hours later. ‘Right Here’ is a little more consistent in it’s structure and groove driven flow. You won’t find any overly complicated drum programming here and the snappy hip hop drums and stepped bassline allow breathing space between yet another memorable vocal hook.

This release consists of six songs. Four of which are well produced but the uninspiring remixes don’t add any real value to the EP as a whole. Three of these are remixes of ‘Taking Me Over’ and as a result, by the time we reach track five it feels as though we’ve been continuously listening to the same song. It’s a shame they decided to add so many remixes to the tracklist when one or two would’ve sufficed.

Fitzpatrick-Milton has a great voice. Her smooth jazz like delivery injects a human connection to the gorgeous instrumental layers created by pianist Jack Drewry and guitarist Rowan Evans. The overall writing and production of the music here is well done with small elements and genre influences that you will gradually discover upon each listen. In recent years, Bristol has been home to some interesting electronic acts and in 4th Project, I think we can add another to that list.

Taking Me Over is out now via Slime Recordings.