Cursor Major - Silent Disco Punch Up EP

Cursor Major – Silent Disco Punch Up EP

Cursor Major - Silent Disco Punch Up EP

Cursor Major – Silent Disco Punch Up EP

Cursor Major - Silent Disco Punch Up EP


12 March, 2017, 17:20

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Pop music these days seems to be stuck in some sort of repetitive eddy of mediocrity, each new song sounding awfully like its predecessors, identikit vocals, bland and shallow lyrics and homogenised melodies. You have to sink deep into the musical waters to find exciting, original pop music with a singular voice. Thankfully, when you do start poking around in the depths, you can discover real buried treasure, precious musical gems like Cursor Major.

Former Crimea man Andy Norton’s current musical vehicle has taken on a few guises over the years but has managed to produce two eccentric but perfect EPs (Interloper and Constellation Prize) that very much set the template for this punchy little trio of numbers – quirky and unusual, accessible and infectious, songs to open your minds and move your feet. It is a tough trick to pull off, but one that Norton seems able to repeat again and again.

EP opener and title track ‘Silent Disco Punch Up’ has the shadow of Pulp writ large across it, Cocker-esque vocals whispering a tale of the anxiety-fuelled frustration of noisy neighbours and a game of snooker over a soundtrack that can only be described as “chirpy”. ‘Eskimo Roll’ is another nugget of pure alt-pop genius, swaggering along at a frantic pace, all fuzzy, warm and melodic, it’s texting related story truly making it a pop anthem for the 21st Century.

EP closer ‘Reboot the Robot’ is more measured, with an almost Arcade Fire-like sense to its structure and sound, both disjointed and unified simultaneously, the song itself a mechanically inspired metaphor for disconnection that quotes Bukowski. Now, how many pop records can claim that?

Silent Disco Punch Up is a terrific frolic of an EP, weirdly quirky and off beat but with a serious cool streak running through it. Kinda like the musical equivalent of Willy Wonka.

Silent Disco Punch Up is out on 17th March.