Emily Isherwood - Calibrate

Emily Isherwood – Calibrate

Emily Isherwood - Calibrate 1

Emily Isherwood – Calibrate

After the great success of her EP last year, recorded under the name Nugget, Emily Isherwood is back with a rebrand and ready to release some more dazzling tunes.

Her new number ‘Calibrate’ is an electro-soaked dream; her emotive voice is tender, at times a mere whisper making it hauntingly beautiful. A slow and steady pace before a breathtaking crescendo; the full band now kicking in with undertones of shoegaze.

Emily’s observational songwriting truly blooms in ‘Calibrate’ and we long to hear more material from her. The radiant ‘Calibrate’ is part of a larger collection to be released via Bristol based label Art Is Hard Records later this year.