Hush Mozey – Tales of Bigotry 1

Hush Mozey – Tales of Bigotry EP

Hush Mozey – Tales of Bigotry EP

Photo: Courtney Wiltshire

One of life’s greatest pleasures surely must be that glorious moment when you hear something brand new, something you have not heard the likes of before, something that has hit your ears without any warning or introduction. A fresh sound from a fresh band, getting oh so fresh with your aural innocence. Bristol outfit Hush Mozey are the latest group to take such liberties with my ears, committing an assault so calculated and personal with this debut release that it should end up in court.

Tales of Bigotry is a fantastically simple thing; an EP of seven tracks that mix some of guitar music’s most electrifying recent achievements in ska, punk and grunge with a healthy dose of pop melody to create something that is vastly more than the sum of its parts. Each track has a unique identity; opener ‘Moroccan Treasure’ showcases their self-dubbed “Drowzy Rock and Roll” sound, while ‘A Place For Them’ is all huge guitars and gypsy rhythms, something that turns out to be curiously Bristolian. ‘Burlesque’ is a mellow ode to lovers and is lushly layered with melodic textures; ‘Listen Learn’ takes things in a darker direction, tense and powerful, exploding into a big finale and “Paper People” is a deep but hard-hitting and unforgiving tune. ‘Hideout’ is a grungy masterclass of dynamics with a brilliant wonky 90’s vibe of hard-hitting chorus, electronic verses and cheery vocal harmonies that really speaks to those of an age and leads in to closer ‘One More Night’ – a smooth blues number that oozes charisma and charm.

Unless you are an extreme musical puritan who will only listen to Mongolian chamber prog that was produced on a Wednesday by a left-handed dwarf riding an ironing board, there should be something in this record that strikes a chord for you. One of the debuts of the year for sure.