Loralie - Sirens EP 1

Loralie – Sirens EP

Loralie - Sirens EP

Loralie – Sirens EP

Photo: Lydia Clara

Loralie’s new EP Sirens kicks off with the highly infectious opener ‘KNTY’ which will unexpectedly have you swearing about some unknown person’s mother for hours after; listen and everything will become clear. It’s a sharp and impressive song which slaps you in the face demanding the attention of your ears for the remaining four tracks and does so very successfully.

In a complementary manner I would compare it to Hole’s ‘Celebrity’ skin which follows a similar format. It has more pop credibility than the remainder of the release but the EP overall really evokes the spirit of early 90’s grunge (Hole being one of the more radio friendly acts) with a delightful helping of distortion languishing.

The follow up ‘Lustless’ changes gears with more of a Pearl Jam feel; the band continuously strike their strings allowing the mulitated frequencies to satisfyingly ring out. Stripping down to sparse bass parts Ellie’s voice shines with all it’s porcelain beauty in stark contract to the snarling vitriol of the opener. The way the tail end of the track drops out and leaps back in with an up tempo riff sounds like a nod to Foo Fighters ‘This Is A Call’.

They continue to develop the overall sound as ‘Crush’ shifts into the shape of a waltzing ballad. This, unlike a lot of attempts by rocks bands to play their ‘slow song’, is paced and composed immaculately well failing to fall into the trap of being a never-ending distorted dirge. It builds satisfyingly to its conclusion with an assortment of subtle details become evident with repeated listens.

‘Fabric’ and ‘Poison Honey’ stand less prominent than the first three songs but do well to develop a collection of tracks easily assigned to the band but effectively contrasting in mood and style to multi-facet the release. They are by no means of a poor quality, they just lack the significant bite of the preceding music. Overall it feels like hearing a band which is in the process of developing into a formidable songwriting unit. It will certainly be well worth keeping an eye out for them as they will very likely solidify into a formidable force.

Sirens is available on 2nd October via iTunes.