Milo's Planes - Individual Development Plan 1

Milo’s Planes – Individual Development Plan

Milo's Planes - Individual Development Plan

Milo’s Planes – Individual Development Plan

Have you ever been thrown into the grips of a messy mosh pit? Well, Milo’s Planes’ third album, Individual Development Plan, is as close as a record could get to replicate the chaotic, disorientating and incredibly liberating experience.

Bristol has lately been the re-birthing ground for a pop-defying, revolutionary modern punk scene, and Milo’s Planes fits the bill with their latest release. Summed up in one word, the four-piece’s third album is ‘unconventional’ – that is, in the best way possible. From its record-breaking four-day recording and mastering, to its unusually short songs, this young band are not just making music, they’re making a statement.

To start off an album with a two and a half minute-long instrumental number would normally be a near-suicidal move, but not for these guys. ‘Nomads I’ is not a piece of solo boasting but an invitation to really listen. It’s the drum roll before the big reveal, building anticipation up to snapping point. The songs to follow surely deliver, firing captivating lines like “your tongue ties the ribbon, your gifts never given” screamed out by lead singer Joe Sherrin in ‘Nomads II’ like bullets to our train of thoughts. Ironic juxtaposing titles like ‘Fidget in Paralysis’ are a further tip of the hat to the album’s overall non-conventionalism.

Amidst the anarchic snippets of screams and shouts on a bed of reverberating drums and screeching guitars that is the 12-track album is the climaxing point of ‘Inertia’. The song echoes the feeling of a potent protest against everything that is wrong in our modern world, with the album title making an appearance in the sea of its powerful lyrics.

Individual Development Plan is post-hardcore, revamped. It’s a handshake between the old and the new; a meeting point between classic icons like WIRE and whatever the future may hold for the scene. Milo’s Planes have boldly taken any and all musical structures, crumpled them up and chucked them out the window, leaving behind nothing but pure, raw gold.

Individual Development Plan is out 12th May via Gravy Train Recordings.