Neurotic Fiction - Pulp Music

Neurotic Fiction – Pulp Music

Neurotic Fiction – Pulp Music

Review: Luke Penny

As first hits go, Neurotic Fiction’s debut record, Pulp Music, is a mission statement wrapped in garage surf thrills dripping in honey-coated vocals. ‘Social Animal’ lays out the feral template all hung on irresistible hooks. Without pausing for breath your pile driven with a dervish-esque pogo into ‘Collateral’. It’s heady but delve deeper through the layers and  you can pick out C-86 heroes tied to a post punk sound.

Some post punk feel is reinforced with the looping bass line intro of ‘Warm Sprint’. It’s all Hooky but in Warsaw, not Joy Division with a huge nod to the Deal Sisters. So far Neurotic Fiction aren’t reinventing the wheel, but are given us a damn fine, sweaty good time, with ear worms that you find humming at the most inappropriate times.

There’s a slight change of pace in the track ‘Generals’. Vocals seem a tad buried, which matters not as ‘Generals’ stretches out and becomes a highlight, allowing you to fully absorb all that is good.

‘Loose End’ the first falter, coming across as early Lemonheads without the druggy charism of Dando. It’s a perfect ending for the A side; before ‘Bell Curve’ stomps its DM’s all over you. Perhaps the most infectious song riddled with a glimmer glam amongst the low slung grooves. On Pulp Music nothing out stays it’s welcome, each track is perfectly formed, never exceeding the three minute mark, simply because they don’t need to.

All Buck jangle, ‘Blue Slush’ is Green era REM reimagined on those sticky Thekla floors. ‘Meaning of Lyf’ initially feels a tad pedestrian, repeated plays finds you humming, foot tapping while singing into your spatula, trying not to cement beans to the pan.

Sensing the end is near we go out on a frenetic rush with ‘Meditator’. It picks you up and demands you to do something. Pulp Music bows out with the summation of Neurotic Fiction’s mission statement – getting you dancing, smiling, leaving you panting and wanting more; all wrapped up the album’s leading title track.

If you’re looking for a an escape from the grey and those Xmas adverts then Pulp Music is the perfect antidote.

Pulp Music is out now via Specialist Subject Records.