Oliver Wilde shares new track 'Smothered'

Oliver Wilde – Post-Frenz Container Buzz

Oliver Wilde – Post-Frenz Container Buzz

Among Bristol’s diverse pool of musical creativity, there’s been one person who has carved a unique style of their own over the years. With two acclaimed full-length albums under his belt, Oliver Wilde returns with his eagerly anticipated third studio album Post-Frenz Container Buzz, out on Friday (17th February) via Howling Owl Records.

The new release sees Wilde moving away from the familiar bedroom pop of his previous work and into newer themes and stories that are more thrilling, conflicted and personal. Released singles ‘Good Kind Of Froze’ and ‘You’re So Kool-Aid’ shine a promising light on his new work but its when you explore further into the album that Wilde’s music truly comes to life.

The songwriting is more deeper than before, elevated by the tender (and quite often constructive) sound elements that reveal treasured pockets of wonder, pain and beauty. Song ‘Slowcoach’ with it’s brooding recorded piano keys and plucked guitar strings remain level before the exploding outcries on the final third begin to latch onto you. While synth-driven pieces ‘Klooker’s Feather Trill’ and ‘Lucky Strut’ are heavily expansive as weirdly beautiful moments pull together to carve Wilde’s new world.

It may take a while to understand fully but Post-Frenz Container Buzz is strikingly wonderful, and comes amid a time of transition, as the cherished Bristol artist reaches a prominent point in his career.