Skating Polly Share New Video - 'For The View'

Skating Polly – The Big Fit

Skating Polly – The Big Fit

Multi-instrumentalists and kick ass duo Skating Polly have unleashed their first UK album The Big Fit, a raw and exciting mixture of girl power pop and grunge authenticity.

Step sisters and best friends Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse have already been performing music together for 6 years in their hometown of Oklahoma, however The Big Fit is an album that pushes all the boundaries, launching the band to the next level.

Getting the stamp of approval from riot girl pioneers Babes in Toyland and L7 is a pretty big deal, especially as Skating Polly are the kind of band that will carry the torch for the next generation of girls that want to make music that makes a statement.

Opening track ‘Oddie Moore’ is a diary penned confessional from Peyton and a powerful lead that sets the tone for what’s to come; a selection of songs confronting youth and angst.

Whilst they’re every inch punk rock, ‘Across the Caves’ and ‘Arms & Opinions’ are piano driven songs they’ve described as “ugly pop”; however they’re still completely genuine and fitting with their quirky and deep lyricisms. On the other hand, ‘Hey Sweet’ is a true grunge throwback with banshee screams and shouts, effortlessly executing both styles of music in a natural fashion. ‘Pretective Boy’ and ‘Cosmetic Skull’ both have soothing daydream qualities, with their sweet and distinctive harmonies.

Skating Polly are the ultimate outsider girls that you should be friends with, inspired by strong female musicians, but trend setting and different none-the-less. They’re young, feisty, and their music speaks for itself.

The Big Fit is out now via Chap Stereo