SLONK - Losing My Mind On The Outside Of Everything EP 1

SLONK – Losing My Mind On The Outside Of Everything EP

SLONK - Losing My Mind On The Outside Of Everything EP

SLONK – Losing My Mind On The Outside Of Everything EP

For his newest EP, Losing My Mind On The Outside Of Everything, SLONK literally closed his bedroom door for the weekend and stepped through his wardrobe to give us a delightful, raucous and infectious collection of songs.

Clearly not one to shy away from a mouthful of a title; opener ‘I’m Pursuing A Career Outside Of Conveyancing’ is a feral, garage blast. It barrels in on a ‘1,2,3,’ count and is all full of melodic jangle that steps up and up a gear to an old school Buzzcock/Ramones chant along. By half way it has your head shaking; by the climax you’ll be dancing round like a whirling dervish from Totterdown.

‘Carousel’ is pared down by comparison, but no less addictive. It is full of movement and colour; a sweet change of tact gives ‘Carousel’ an added charm and dimension, it’s somewhat abrupt ending disconcerts, only because it leaves you wanting more. With not as much substance ‘The Sad King’ washes by on a J Masics vibe and leaves no real lasting impression, but there are worst ways to lose a few minutes. Then ‘Blackboards’ comes along, wraps it’s arms around you, hugs you then takes you on a joyous spin. There is a subtle nod to the Stones with the refrain ‘How Does It Feel?’ – but this is all early 80’s Replacements, Husker Du with a good dash of Pavement and first album Roses.

Sometimes the things that don’t grab on first listen become your favourite and ‘Die Here’ is one of those. By the third spin it has it’s fuzzy hooks embedded deep. It has the strongest structure on the EP and gives on each listen. Now we start to glide to towards the end and penultimate track; ‘The Culpable Glutton’ swims in all sparkling and delicate. It stretches along, then a super-fuzzed break shakes you up and has you happily twisting and turning.

Title track and closer is a fitting finale. It is loose and lovely. Slightly ethereal guitars interplay, taking us all down and mellowing us all out after the heady ride that is SLONK’s ‘Losing My mind…’ EP.

If you’re looking for polish, boring, perfection, then run back to your Saturday night TV. If you’re looking for 19 minutes of raw, charming and honest tunes, then look no further.