Spectres - Condition 1

Spectres – Condition

Spectres - Condition

Spectres – Condition

Photo: Paul Samuel White

From the opening bars of Spectres new album Condition the careful consideration and attention to small detail is evident. It is once again very much a noise rock effort of the epic variety but has oozings of character you wouldn’t necessarily link with that genre. The aggressive funeral march tone it frequently adopts is not unexpected but the note choices throughout the tracks feels somewhat classical. This fits the gothic and menacing vibe as it’s subtly reminiscent of pieces you’d hear in a hammer horror film.

Add to this the heavily industrial sounds that surface and cycle through the songs; the buzzing, clanging and scratching of metal and detuned distorted frequency offsets the slightly regal composition with its dissonant and neck jerking attacks. The theatrical guitar screams and howls that leap out in the opening moments of some of the songs are a lot like older Muse in technique but not quite in flavour as this is more of a war chant than an Opera. Kneaded throughout the whole recording is the constant rise and fall of fluttering fuzzy shoegaze style vocals. These walk the sombre tone alongside the fang baring aggression as the album seems to sweep past you with urgency as the ink of each track bleeds into the next.

A surprisingly easy listen given the underlying terror that is evident without looking too hard. It also shows a growth in confidence which is not misplaced. This is a refreshingly diverse creation with a professional precision to it’s execution that enables you to sink into the piece and enjoy it to the full.

Condition is out on 10th March via Sonic Cathedral.