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Stone Cold Fiction – Self-titled EP

Stone Cold Fiction – Self-titled EP

Photo: Mustafa Mirreh

Stone Cold Fiction’s second EP is a healthy amalgamation of traditional and modern blues rock. Recorded at Nine Volt Leap and finalised by Dominic Bailey-Clay at Loud Mastering (PJ Harvey, Kula Shaker), it’s difficult not to compare their style to The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age. Luckily for us, blues is a genre that you simply can’t grow tired of hearing. This 6 track EP is a solid and polished follow-up for a young unsigned band at this stage in their career.

From the get go their heavy opener ‘3394’ is layered with technically precise drum beats and strong riffs. Immediately after, you’re thrown into ‘Red Pills’ that shows off their funk rock prowess.

The EP gently flows into their closing number ‘Pointless Motion’, expressing just a hint of their softer side. At 6 minutes long, the pinnacle moment is half way through the dreamy guitar tones when the passionate lyrics of “tell me you love me, tell me you need me” take the progressive track in an entirely alternate direction. It’s a dramatic and bold climax that could be a potential path to explore for their future recordings, as they have really nailed this psychedelic closing statement.

Stone Cold Fiction will be playing their second EP launch show in their hometown of Bath on 11th February at The Nest. Tickets here.