Tamu Massif - Bala EP

Tamu Massif – Bala EP

Tamu Massif – Bala EP

Coupled with recent singles, and the release of his debut EP Alba, Bristol artist Tamu Massif has clocked an impressive one million streams on Spotify. The follow-up Bala, out this Friday via Chiverincontinues the personal and contemplative songwriting of its predecessor.

If you enjoy the production value of the music you listen to, Bala will not disappoint. At times, the separation and placement of sounds within tracks like ‘Iron Light’ provide quite an immersive listening experience. It’s very easy to forget the world around you when listening to the sounds of Tamu Massif.

The simplicity in the structure of the guitar progressions throughout the EP allows for creative yet subtle electronic drum programming that is used sparingly but to good effect across all five tracks. The tone of ‘Rare Candy’ is reminiscent of early releases from The XX. Rueful reflections are greatly portrayed through Dave’s vocal performance. There is a unique drawl in his delivery that is unmistakably his own, and sounds more confident and playful than before. It’s hard to pinpoint influences here, which is a good thing. While there are a swathe of artists that have melded stripped back guitar tones with electronic beats, there is something much more charismatic about the sound of Bala and its writer.

With the remarkable Spotify play count and currently supporting The Japanese House around the UK throughout May, it’s only fitting that Tamu Massif would follow-up with something as good as this.

Bala is out on 12th May via Chiverin.