The Blunderbuss Press - Nudist with real

The Blunderbuss Press – Nudists with really big heads

The Blunderbuss Press - Nudists with really big heads

The Blunderbuss Press – Nudists with really big heads

Bristol alt-folk duo The Blunderbuss Press, delivers a real treat in delightful escapism! Through twangy guitar and sing-a-long chorus, this playful invention tells the surrealist story of a couple on a beach walk, mentally wrestling with their sighting of two ‘Nudists with really big heads’.

Peaceful Japanese-inspired melody is interrupted by four innocent robotic beeps, the song dropping in to lulling folk rhythm. Staggering drums, and 50s style vocals, build a healthy dollop of nostalgia, bolstering the tune throughout. Combined with the appearance of a brunette and a blonde on the beach, you could even be forgiven for Beach Boys sentiment.

However, with the emergence of distorted guitar and funny descriptions, a quirky unease begins to rise. Implausible discoveries revealed as anticipatory chord progressions, thronging guitar, and wails of confusion, increasingly infiltrate the comforting swagger. After each hyperbolic climax is made, the reverberating guitar secretly plip-plops down behind each lullabying verse, playing along in jovial character. The chorus calming your worry that anything is unusual about ‘Nudists with really big heads’.

So sets the backdrop for everyone’s delightful grabbling of insanity and rationalisation. The couple’s depth of attempted theorising tickles you, in light of the situation. Daisy herself being a figment of the imagination. The songs joyous poetry adding both to the witty silliness of the song, and the breakdown of logic that intensifies to tormented proportion.

After a final cathartic chorus, and a double take on the madness, the distorted yowls louden to ‘Love Cats’ proportions. They squirm behind the ghoulish details of Daisy’s nightmares, of “wriggling skin…and uncovered nipples”. All down to the crippling power of the Nudist with Really Big Heads.

The single’s remix is accompanied by long time Edinburgh producer and electronica artist Jonnie Common, known especially for his 2015 release Trapped in Amber. This hallucinogenic track strips the words off this unusual tale, leaving what could be a hazy dream of last night’s weird events. Like an alternative beach holiday soundtrack, it expresses the same conflict of the comforting hook against robotic sounds and distortion, slowly calming in to a trip of endless seas and exotic birds.

The release also comes with a copy of the faux The Blunderbuss Press newspaper. An intriguing collection of social commentary with the duo’s lyrical distinctive sense of humour. Its enjoyable reports include demands that English police need to be more gangster “incorporating stare outs and intelligently placed slang words”. While he also conjures exceptional imagery, such as protesting skateboarders creating a “Roman-army-like tortoise” for protection. All together the duo’s coltish spirit in writing is a testament to true creativity.

‘Nudist with really big heads’ is out on 20th February.