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Tuff Love – Resort

Tuff Love – Resort

Jangle pop duo Tuff Love are set to release a compilation album of their three EPs, Resort on Lost Map Records. After recently reviewing their latest EP Dregs, it seems appropriate to take a look into the back catalogue of one of Scotland’s most promising talents.

Their compilation album is a neat 15 track burst of shoe-gaze that gives you everything you need to hear from Tuff Love, so far.

The story begins with 2014’s debut EP Junk. Short but sweet tracks; the longest being ‘Sweet Discontent’ at 3 minutes 36 seconds, but the low fi quality is still top notch. The song in particular has an edgy Johnny Marr vibe, and from the get go it’s the definite stand out from the EP.

‘Slammer’ shines through amongst this compilation, also featured on their sophomore EP Dross. It’s catchy, with just the right balance of fuzz, pop and rock. Julie’s soft vocals proclaiming “I have rage” throughout the chorus are almost hard to believe when sang in such a delicate voice, but it’s an extremely infectious hook. Following ‘Slammer’, the explosive guitar of ‘That’s Right’ kicks in, which almost has a punk rock quality to it; highlighting the EP’s excellent coverage.

With their latest release Dregs, they’ve still kept their indie glow and pop harmonies, however there’s an essence of maturing in their sound, especially on closing track ‘Carbon’ – a ballad that bares a strong resemblance to the softness of The Cardigans.

The three EPs fit together rather well for a debut album, however it’s going to be a hell of a lot more exciting hearing what’s next on the horizons from Tuff Love, as they have mounds of potential, and Resort is just the beginning.

Resort is out on Friday 29th January via Lost Map Records.