The Feed: RHAIN, ZELAH, Prolifer and more

The Feed: RHAIN, ZELAH, Profiler and more

The Feed: RHAIN, ZELAH, Prolifer and more

The Feed: RHAIN, ZELAH, Profiler and more

The Feed - Your weekly round-up and digest on all things new music.

It’s September, which means a brand new term and the end of the summer holidays. Before we enter the new season, check out this week’s fresh new tunes.

RHAIN – Time Traveller

It’s been a wee while since we last heard from the bold and powerful Isle of Wight native RHAIN. Ahead of her show at Servant Jazz Quarters this Wednesday, the star has shared her new single ‘Time Traveller’, accompanied by a full band and the results are truly staggering.

Inspired by her Grandfather, the almost lullaby-esque piece blossoms into cosmic wonder with incredibly woven and spacious instrumentations that elevate alongside RHAIN’s nostalgic harmonies that truly feel at ease.

ZELAH – Wrap You Up

The now London based alt-pop trio ZELAH have released their next single ‘Wrap You Up’, once again showcasing their pulsating instrumentations and sharp storytelling (in this particular case, a breakup song) that couldn’t be more honest and relatable.

Profiler – Burn

With rock music emerging more from the Bristol scene (great to see!) Profiler, in particular, are certainly ones to watch. Nue-metal that packs some serious punch, the band’s new single ‘Burn’ is straight-up awesome, pounding you with storming guitars, drums and vocals reminiscent of the late Chester Bennington.

Nao – Make It Out Alive (ft SiR)

From her yet-to-be-titled forthcoming album, Nao’s new single ‘Make It Out Alive’ sees her team up with artist SiR to deliver another neo-soul pop hit which reflects on the influx of life experiences that come in our way.

YAK – White Male Carnivore

It’s the return of YAK! The London trio dropped new material since 2016’s acclaimed debut album Alas Salvation. ‘White Male Carnivore’ pushes the temperature of their sound to hotter levels; scuzzier riffs, pounding drums, sonic reverb and vocal bursts that are straight to the point. Radically promising from the three-piece.

Noga Erez – Cash Out (ft. SAMMUS)

A little on the edger side from Tel-Aviv-born singer and rapper Noga Erez with new cut ‘Cash Out’ featuring Philadelphia rapper SAMMUS. Tackling on the ongoing pressures placed upon women by society on the way they look and behave, this biting track hits hard, reflected even more so in the lyrics and progressive production – raising further awareness of the constantly growing issue.