The Feed: Some Bodies, BRIDGES, Bear's Den and more

The Feed: Some Bodies, BRIDGES, Bear’s Den and more

The Feed: Some Bodies, BRIDGES, Bear's Den and more

The Feed: Some Bodies, BRIDGES, Bear’s Den and more

The Feed - Your weekly round-up and digest on all things new music.

We’re one month down of 2019 and it’s been an incredibly busy and exciting few weeks across the board with new releases and album announcements galore.

February picks up where January left off with a bunch more tracks out into the world. Here’s our roundup of the best songs this week.

Some Bodies – Escape

Bristol based quintet¬†Some Bodies¬†are an exciting new indie concept to come out the creative hubs of the city. Debut single ‘Escape’ is both thrilling and refreshing, spun with jangling guitar lines, psychedelic rhythms and a commanding vocal that soars along with the instruments into a fiery crescendo that signs off the track on a good note. A promising start for the group.


2018 was an exciting year for BRIDGES, returning with a refined sound that could match with the big stars of today. With recent EP On and On Like This picking up solid reviews, the band continue the momentum into 2019 with a headline tour scheduled for March. Latest track ‘Amor’ is one we’ve heard on many occasions but with new additions (band members and instruments) sees the song evolved into it’s completed form – one that dazzles with honesty and musicianship that’s simply unstoppable.

Bear’s Den – Blankets of Sorrow / Fuel on the Fire

What better to mark the announcement of your new album than releases two brand new songs? Treasured gems Bear’s Den have done just that with singles ‘Blankets of Sorry’ / ‘Fuel of the Fire’ from their forthcoming album so that you might hear me. The first song is the familiar sound we know and love; woven guitar strings and piano key with heartfelt lyrics that warm your soul. The second song sees the band push for a more electronic pop route which certainly sounds interesting.

Emily Breeze – Ego Death

Bristol based artist Emily Breeze is a bonafide music star, showcasing her incredibly unique and prestigious artistry. New track ‘Ego Death’ is sharp, hypnotic and seductive all in one go as unapologetic guitar rhythms and piercing synth drive you into the beautiful abyss of escapism.

IDER – Brown Sugar

London duo IDER have dropped another beautiful gem in the form of ‘Brown Sugar’, offering another mesmerising taste of their forthcoming debut album. Complete synergy between the pair with sugary pop instrumentals and vocal harmonies that are an instant win.

Tamu Massif – Get Some Sleep

Speaking of debut albums, Bristol artist Tamu Massif has announced his long-awaiting debut LP Little Death Summer along with a UK/EU headline tour. Single ‘Get Some Sleep’ follows from last year’s teaser ‘Senses’, offering an almost lullaby-esque tone with bubbly electronics sequences that twinkle your music senses before the cosy vocals lift you out of reality. Sweet dreams.