A Farewell From Us? Tap The Feed Going Forward...

A Farewell From Us? Tap The Feed Going Forward…

A Farewell From Us? Tap The Feed Going Forward...

A Farewell From Us? Tap The Feed Going Forward…

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well and having a good week!

I (Mustafa) have some news to announce. This might come as a surprise (or even shock) but thought it would be easier to write this down in an open and honest email to explain everything, our current position with Tap The Feed and where things are heading going forward.


The past few weeks has been a period of reflection, a look back at this incredible journey which started as something out of nothing back in 2013. This blog has been through so much over the years (The Flux, The Flux Presents and now Tap The Feed), not just to everyone involved but also to myself. It all began after graduating from university, having lived in the midlands for three years and then moving back to my hometown of Bristol ready to conquer the world. Let’s just say that the post university dream of getting a graduate/career job didn’t come to fruition, much exactly the opposite. While friends that I lived, studied and partied with all made their initial steps into career roles, I was left to the realisation of the ‘real world’ that we live in. Setting up a blog with little to no writing experience and just a love for music was the only thing keeping me at bay against the stresses of life. Expressing my words into writing gave me peace of mind and attending gigs was a sense of joy, fulfilment and escapism from all the external troubles. What provided positive energy quickly turned into motivation, improving my confidence, discovering the incredible music scene Bristol has to offer, learning how to run a blog etc. Soon after, our music blog/publication was born and the rest, as they say, was history.

Never did I imagine that Tap The Feed would become to what it is now. What started as a personal project grew into something even bigger. What was managed by myself soon became a team of passionate, hard working and talented human beings that shared the same vision and love for music whilst wanting to learn, grow and make their steps into the world. What was a just a blog soon grew into a publication and platform, spanning into running live events, working with local venues, promoters, labels, booking agents and the incredible artists the industry has to offer. Becoming part of the music scene, not only here in Bristol but also up and down the country and even reaching as far as the US, showcasing music from all sides. Lastly, becoming part of a great local music community that’s so open, creative, forward-thinking, hardworking and supportive in making the industry a better and safe place for everyone. I honestly can’t thank everyone enough from the bottom of my heart for all their help and hard work these past six years in making Tap The Feed what it is today, giving up your time voluntarily to make this blog/platform something truly special to both music in general and Bristol as well.

What’s next?

All of this brings us to present day and where we’re at now with Tap The Feed. 2019 has been a cracking year so far with new contributors, producing even more original content then ever before and even launching our advertising services – a first step to generating a source of income for the publication. All sounds great right? Yes, however, there has been some external factors that have impacted us over the course. In addition, there’s keeping up with the fast paced world of the internet and social media where content is consumed in a matter of seconds, not to mention everyone’s commitments outside of Tap The Feed with full-time jobs, personal lives etc. Then finally, the day-to-day running of the site (managing and scheduling content, emailing artists/PRs/labels and the countless chase ups) which has taken a toll on myself and some of the team as well.

With all this into account, I’m at a stage now where as we enter summer is what to do next with Tap The Feed. Is it right enough as it is? Is everyone happy with how it is going? Can it be something more/better? What’s the next steps going forward? All of these questions, at this very moment of time, I don’t have all the answers to, which has left me wanting to re-evaluate our position as a whole. To do this requires some time away from the day-to-day to look back at everything but due to my commitments outside of music (full-time job, other projects, social activities, family time) as well as some holiday booked during the summer, finding the time to complete this is proving very difficult. So with this in mind, I’ve come to a very hard decision to put Tap The Feed on a break for a while.

This was no easy decision by any means and especially when such great momentum has been building up but I feel that right now this makes sense, firstly to give everyone involved in Tap The Feed a well deserved break for all their incredible work and also allowing me the time and space I need to reflect on things and see where we can take Tap The Feed next. This is by no means the end of it all, more of a break for now, giving everyone a chance to recharge their batteries and for us to reform Tap The Feed into something much more flexible to manage whilst continuing to support the Bristol music scene and beyond, whether that be in its current form of a publication/blog or something else…

We’re planning to commence our break from the 31st August so until then, everything will be running as normal with live reviews, releases, The Feed, podcasts and festival coverage all planned and schedule for the next few months. We even got two live shows planned this summer which will be announcing more details very soon!

Lastly, thank you all so much!

There’s so many people I want to mention and thank but from the bottom of my heart once more, I just want to say a huge thank you to every single person who’s been a part of, involved with, or supportive towards Tap The Feed and this incredibly journey up until now. A huge thank you to our core team of staff, our developer and amazing team of writers and photographers who’ve given up their time and countless energy in keeping this blog as healthy as possible. To all the amazing artists, bands, labels, management, labels and PR agencies we’ve worked with and come across over the course. To the amazing local venues, booking agents, promoters and radio stations who continue to work so hard in keeping the scene alive during turbulent times and for allowing us the opportunity to express our work in a live setting. Finally, to all the beautiful people and the music community of Bristol that I and everyone has encountered who’ve made us who we are today. For Tap The Feed to bring such positivity, support and opportunities to not only myself but to other individuals as well is something I will truly cherish forever.

To clarify, this is not the end of Tap The Feed. It’s just a pause momentarily and for us to come back better and stronger than ever before!

Thanks all and we’ll catch you again soon! x

Mustafa, Amy, Stuart and everyone else at Tap The Feed.