Get To Know: Ålesund

Get To Know: Ålesund

Get To Know: Ålesund

Get To Know: Ålesund

Another exciting project on the horizon. Meet atmospheric indie folk four-piece Ålesund, who are relaunching (previously ALBA) later this month (24th Feb) with a special show at St John the Baptist church. Get to know about them below and catch the show details here.

When did you start making music?

As a band we started making music about three years ago…We all come from various musical back grounds, and our singer Alba had been looking for the right fit of musicians since moving to Bristol from Brighton.

How would you describe your music?

Atmospheric, emotive and immersive. We all really inject our emotions into the music especially the live performances and we really hope it carries through the music as it is so personal to us.

Who are your main influences and how have they helped in shaping your sound?

Our shared passion for Radiohead and reverbs!

What are your thoughts on the Bristol music scene at the moment?

Our singer Alba moved to Bristol for the music scene….it always amazes us how many gigs/events/festivals are on offer. The diversity and talent is pretty impressive.
Also, I think what is so nice is the community of musicians that have gravitated here, it doesn’t matter what genre or style you play, people support each other in Bristol.

What’s next for you? Any shows/releases planned?

We have been busy over this winter tracking 4 songs for an EP and a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Talkshow Host’ a b-side from Bad Luhrmann’s adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. We shot a music video for this in St Thomas the Martyr Church, Bristol with Blacklight Productions. We are hosting our own show Saturday 24th February at St John the Baptist Church in Bristol. Alongside ourselves we have Hannah Nicholson, Brook Tate and Gina Leonard performing so we are all really excited for that!