KVNE chats life in lockdown, Instagram and future hits.

KVNE chats life in lockdown, Instagram, and future hits

KVNE chats life in lockdown, Instagram and future hits.

KVNE chats life in lockdown, Instagram, and future hits


KVNE is the Toronto based, urban artist and single father, with his heart on his sleeve. His latest single ‘Real’ tells the truth behind overcoming obstacles and searching for love in the real world. We were lucky enough to virtually catch up with the up and comer to chat about life in lockdown, Instagram, and future hits.

Hi KVNE! Thanks for agreeing to chat with us at Tap The Feed. How’s lockdown life going for you?

Hey guys! Thanks for having me! Lockdown life has its ups and downs (laughs). It is nice to spend more time with my son every day, but it has definitely changed a lot.

You are living out in Toronto, how is the music scene out there?

The music scene out here is really thriving. Every day it seems like there is all these incredible new local artists just popping up out of nowhere online, it’s insane. Don’t get me wrong, it is super competitive, but there’s lots of opportunity for artists here.

You are certainly making noise over there! Your music is a calm, urban blend mixed with diverse beats, which is making strides on YouTube. What is your writing process and what inspires you?

My writing process almost always just starts with a melody. Once I have one, they all sort of start flooding in, and then depending on the mood, the concept comes to be. I have the pleasure of running a studio and collaborating with tons of artists, so between that and touring regularly (not during the lockdown obviously), I have lots of opportunity for inspiration.

Your second 2020 release and debut single, ‘Real’ is out now, how has the response been?

The response has been great! It is actually one of the first of my releases that I’ve produced which is really exciting.

Are there any plans to release new material during this time at home?

Yeah, I have a new single titled ‘Woah’ coming out April 24th, featuring Brooksey from Nevada. I’m really excited about that and I’m also going to be dropping a second project this year, which you can keep an eye out for that this summer.

Instagram is a hit platform for you, what is your relationship like with social media as an artist?

I think it’s super important to work those platforms to your advantage. I love being able to connect with fans all around the world through something like Instagram. There’s a lot of resources artists & producers and really any entrepreneurs can utilize using social media to their advantage.

Aside from social media, what is the best way to waste a lockdown evening?

Jeeze, that’s a tough question to answer. I wasted a few nights watching Tiger King (laughs), but typically I’m in the studio every night as soon as my son is asleep.

Tiger King is a TV pandemic itself; it’s taking over everyone’s lives in the best way! What have you got planned for the future when the actual pandemic blows over?

Currently, I’m looking into to getting some tours booking (tentatively of course) for August/September. Hopefully, we’re all able to get back to business as usual by then. If not, I’m teaming up with lots of different outlets online from; Instagram live takeovers or Facebook live performances. So keep an eye out for that!

We will do! Let’s end on a silly note, who would win in a fight, a crocodile on steroids, or a bear on red bull?

I would have to put my money on the bear. Red bull never fails.

It does give you wings (apparently). Thanks so much for virtually stopping by and good luck with everything in the future.

To keep an eye out for KVNE’s new releases and live social media performances, be sure to follow his socials.