Malicious Inc Discuss Metal, Raw Truths & Water Fights

Malicious Inc discuss metal, raw truths & water fights

Malicious Inc Discuss Metal, Raw Truths & Water Fights

Malicious Inc discuss metal, raw truths & water fights


Malicious Inc are the heavy, groove metal quintet from Bristol that have been circulating the rock scene since 2019. Signed to Sliptrick Records, they are armed with debut EP, Red Flag and are ready to reach listeners with raucous riffs and dark, enlightening messages. We were lucky enough to virtually sit down with lead guitarist, Morgan Weeds to chat metal, raw truths and water fights.

Malicious Inc, thanks for taking some time to sit down with us remotely. You had a great start to 2020 in Jan with your debut EP, Red Flag release. How would you summarise the EP in 4 words for those that haven’t heard it?

Morgan: If we had to choose 4 words to describe ‘Red Flag’ they would be; honest, dark, hard-hitting and raw.

Lyrically the tracks expose the darker side of the world, what inspired this?

M: The reason for this is that all the content comes from a genuine place, none of it is fictitious or conceptual. The EP covers a range of topics such as; self-worth, suicide, abuse and rape, and all the stories are accounts from people in the band or people that are close to members of the band. It’s not shock-factor. We’re doing this because it needs to be heard and people need to start talking about these things you know?

That’s a refreshing and admirable approach and we love that you’re spreading awareness of these issues through your songs. What advice would you give to musicians or anyone struggling currently?

M: Our advice would be to reach out, that would be number 1. Talking to someone can always help. Organisations like Crisis text line can help and just announcements from people on social media saying, “my door’s always open” and people mean it. Another would be getting professional help, not just talking to your friends but getting help at the Doctors. Overall, keep struggling on really! Every day is a struggle; I and most of the band struggle with mental health issues. I myself take Prozac and anti-depressants; just keep struggling on because it does get better. You will have bad days but just keep fighting through because there’s always something worth fighting for and no one is born into this world to be alone- so always reach out!

Great advice! What would you say is the biggest misconception about metal bands?

M: One of the biggest would be that your one-dimensional, especially from a musician’s point of view. People think that if you’re into metal you only listen to and play that- a one trick pony. Another is that we’re looked at as Devil Worshiping and horrible people when metalheads and the metal scene is one of the safest and most inclusive sub-communities.

Speaking of the scene, you played Rough Trade at the end of February with LASTELLE and Defeatist, how was that?

M: It was amazing. The other bands were great and really nice too and the crowd were exceptional. It was our second gig and preview show as Malicious Inc, so to have that response and the crowd singing our songs back to us was amazing.

What would be your dream venue to play in the future?

M: All of us love to play festivals. We’d love to play Download, Bloodstock, Hellfest, but a gig is a gig. We just love to play, give us anywhere and we will.

Here’s hoping that’s a possibility when things go back to normal. Until then, if you could choose only 1 band member to quarantine with who would it be?

M: 1 member! Me I’d probably pick all or nothing. Matthew Hulin (bass) gave a joking response about picking me because he’d like to torment me (laughter).

Let’s get silly. Water fight or food fight?

M: Water fight across the board!

Good choice, food is precious right now. So, what’s next for Malicious Inc?

M: We are currently working on our debut album and have 12 tracks of 13. We were due to record 3 of them and put them out as tasters before the final release, but that’s unfortunately had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as things change for the better, we will re-book studio time and carry on with it.

Well thanks again for virtually stopping by and good luck with the latest album, we’re looking forward to the release!

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