The LaFontains on tour, fans and new EP Junior

The LaFontaines on tour, fans and new EP Junior

The LaFontains on tour, fans and new EP Junior

The LaFontaines on tour, fans and new EP Junior

Having previously toured with the likes of Don Broco and Anderson Paak, Scottish rock band The LaFontaines have quickly become one of Scotland’s leading rock acts. Currently on tour as the main support for alternative rock group Deaf Havana, the band has a new album coming up on the horizon.

During the changeover after their set on St Patrick’s Day (17th March), I had the opportunity to talk to frontman, Kerr Okan at the merch stand, but after making sure to greet all his fans, he grabbed me a pass and took me back stage so we could have a proper chat. After briefly toasting our drinks, we talked about their new album Junior, sticking to who you are, and stealing fans (it’s not as strange as it sounds, I promise!)

So, I hear you have a new album coming out in June. Is this similar to the material we’ve seen from you before?

No, it’s better! 100% the best music we’ve ever made. We did two songs from it tonight. One called ‘Up’ and a new one called ‘All in’. It’s better music. We feel pretty good about things at the moment, so it’s a very good time for us.

I’m sure your fans will be pleased to hear that! You have quite the social media following. Is that something that’s important to the band?

I mean, we’ve been around for a while. Funnily enough, we’re one of those bands where we never really believe in social media too much because people can have millions of streams [on Spotify], hundreds of thousands of followers, but they can’t fucking sell out a 200-cap venue. Whereas, fortunately, we have a loyal fanbase. In Glasgow we’ll do maybe 3000-4000.

Do you find your live shows tend to be quite popular then?

They tend to be. Usually people are like “oh that’s good live”, even if they don’t necessarily like the music. They’re like “that was fun.” As I said the new stuff is the best stuff we’ve done by a mile, but it’s still hard to capture what we do in a room. We’re all about the energy and I think that’s hard to put on a record. We’re a very personable band. Like you saw at the merch there, I like to speak to people.

You’ve been with The LaFontaines for a good while now. When you’re on stage and with a band like Deaf Havana, do you get nervous knowing there will be people in the crowd who may not know you?

No man that’s the best! There’s no expectations. Generally, nobody gives a fuck about the support act, so the idea is to make them give a fuck about the support act. There’s no pressure, it’s so easy. You just go out and smash it, so if it’s shit it’s just like “oh well”, but if it’s really good then you’ll see us again, which is always the main thing. I love being a support act.

Do you prefer supporting than headlining?

I enjoy the headline shows. As I said, we’ve got a loyal fanbase that come to headline shows and stuff, but if I could, I would do way more support shows than headline shows. I don’t care about the main guy on the bill. Honestly, why would you care? I’d rather steal fans. Just steal them. We’ve been fortunate enough to be allowed to do that.

That’s certainly one way to look at it! With that in mind, what would you say is the best supporting tour you’ve been on?

This is a brilliant tour so far! I think this will be one of the best. The Don Broco tour was amazing. We played to so many new people. The coolest tour I’ve ever done in my life was with Anderson Paak, who is THE coolest guy in the world.

Don Broco? That is not a live band I would imagine fitting well with you, but that’s just my opinion.

But it’s good to have an opinion! So much stuff is bland man so stick to your opinion, it’s good! Even if you disagree with me or like me or not, always stick to it. Everyone’s just kind of beige and fuck that man. That’s kind of how I treat being on stage. There will be some people who think “that guy’s class” and others who are like “that guy’s a wanker”. I don’t really give a fuck. I’m just me and I’m quite a comfortable and nice person. Anyway, I’m gonna go and get a cigarette.

Yeah, I should be heading back too. Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

New EP Junior is out on 14th June. A signed copy with a ticket to one of their headlining launch shows is available for pre- order now. Read our live review of The LaFontaines performance supporting Deaf Havana.