Bear's Den Showcase their New Sound with 'Auld Wives'

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

British band Bear’s Den are due to release their eagerly anticipated new album, Red Earth & Pouring Rain, on 22nd July. The duo consists of Andrew Davie (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar) and Kevin Jones (vocals, drums, bass, guitar). Red Earth & Pouring Rain is the follow-up to 2014’s acclaimed debut album Islands.

The album starts off with the title song, ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’. What hits you is a laid-back and chilled sound that seems so effortlessly created together with the combination of synth and drums creates a distinctly retro ambience. Track ‘Dew on the Vine’ has a more melancholic vibrancy that brings out the best in lead vocalist Andrew Davie, and has shades of Snow Patrol to it. Moving on, ‘New Jerusalem’, uses an acoustic intro and presents an emotive side to the band while creating a progressive sound that captures the listeners’ attention.

Perhaps the stand out track is ‘Auld Wives’, which immediately cuts to an edgy bassline, synths and prominent vocals from Davie, which is contrasted by the chorus that involves a strong major tone and catchy riff. It’s easily a track that you can listen to again and again just for the sheer brilliance of it. New single, ‘Gabriel’ makes use of an emotive tone that centres around the dynamicity created by the band and showcases the duo’s talents well.

Overall, the album is very easy to listen to with some experimental and edgy, eighties-inspired sounds but also some more low-key and acoustic songs as well. Bear’s Den show a great variation of styles in one album and shows that the band are great at what they do, and that is why Red Earth & Pouring Rain is definitely not an album to miss.

Red Earth & Pouring Rain is out Friday via Communion Music