Daughter - Not To Disappear

Daughter – Not To Disappear

Daughter – Not To Disappear

It’s a different feeling listening to Daughter now compared to when they released their 2013 debut LP If You Leave. “So many bands sound like them now” explains my friend who was half stunned and half surprised when listening to Daughter’s sophomore follow up Not To Disappear. And he was right; the London based three-piece have contributed widely to a new genre of indie pop that a lot of “female-fronted” bands have tried to vaguely imitate or copy in the essence.

Not To Disappear might very well represent a new era for the British music scene, as the band play with aerial sounds and sharp lyrics, as proven by their first single ‘Doing The Right Thing’ which Adele would be jealous of. We then quickly start to binge-listen to their magnificent art, driven from deep and melancholic tones to groovy-ironic tracks without warning.

Looking past as a “female-fronted band”, Daughter have become more organic, tighter and beautiful than before; introducing their wonderful new world that’ll not disappear for generations to come. 

Not To Disappear is out now via 4AD