Emily Isherwood to release debut EP

Emily Isherwood – Distant Television Studios EP

Emily Isherwood – Distant Television Studios EP

Roll up, roll up and let me gush about my most anticipated of the release of 2019. I’ve been a die-hard Emily Isherwood follower since her Nugget days and I was beyond thrilled to hear that she’ll be releasing an EP. A deft collection of tingly tunes which will make your heart fizz, or alternatively, fall in love with Emily’s viceral songwriting.

Opening track ‘Silver Lake’ has been released into the world already and I was lucky enough to see the live version a few months back when Emily supported Jamie Cruickshank at his EP launch. The lackadaisy guitar strumming is woozy, providing the foundations for Emily’s raspy vocal runs and fiddly riffs make for a dreamlike experience. It’s A contemporary folk odyssey.

‘In Floral’ sees Emily’s style of observational songwriting hit its zenith, I’m hit with sickly sweet imagery, ‘deep in the orchard the dragonflies crash / jousting through sun-rays’. A whimsically sombre number which is a jangle pop dream. She has a real knack for painting divine scenes that are told like mythical tales. Following up from this rose-tinted tune is ‘Posing For Playboy’ which sounds as if it could easily be in the soundtrack for a coming-of-age film. It features some wispy backing vocals which add an immense amount of depth and reverb. I’m instantly drawn to the relatable lyrics in this one, an honest ode which will be an anthem for young girls everywhere.

Distant Television Studios is a bittersweet tinged dream, packed with silvery vocal runs and a dash of shoegaze. The album will be released on 19th July via Breakfast Records.