Hinds announce new album with video for 'New For You'

Hinds – I Don’t Run

Hinds – I Don’t Run

Any doubts about the ‘second album’ curse for Hinds are all shoved aside with the immediate opening double of ‘The Club’ and ‘Soberland’; all the elements that made us fall in love with Hinds on Leave Me Alone remain intact on I Don’t Run. Wonderful punkiness melded to hooks built for sticky dance floors and festival fields with knowing nods to their alt-heroes The Breeders and the C-86 brigade.

Soon we’re riding on the trip through ‘New for You’ – a break up song that is as empowered as it’s embittered. So what if it sounds like it could of fallen from Ty-Segal’s pocket on a good day. ‘Echoing My Name’ is all hazy vibes, going from heartbreak to lust in a blink of an eye. Throughout the album the vocals are traded between Carlotta and Anna, all seamlessly blending into a seductive command.

Encapsulating the album’s ramshackle garage pop perfection is ‘Tester’. Quickly it rushes you making you dance in your room while singing into your hairbrush (or any other suitable microphone replacement).

There’s a crisp curtness to all the songs, yet this means the second half suffers with over familiarity and loss of substance. You end up struggling to pick out highlights. There’s a shimmering breather with ‘I Feel Cold But I Feel More’ and ‘To The Morning Light’ finishes better than it promises. Sadly ‘Rookie’ should’ve just stayed away. ‘Ma Nuit’ (My Night) closes the record and stands out for it’s pure simplicity, with birdsong outside, echoing vocals and a noir-ish feel that ends things on a high note.

I Don’t Run will sound perfect through open windows on a warm summer’s day. Lovers of the debut will find much to enjoy, the rest of us will wait for that hot, open window day.

I Don’t Run is out now via Lucky Number.