Lazy Day - Letters EP 1

Lazy Day – Letters EP

Lazy Day – Letters EP

Filled with themes of solitude, love, and female strength, Lazy Day’s newly released EP Letters hits all the spots.

Jumping straight into vocalist Tilly Scantlebury’s emotionally threaded voice, ‘Double J’ provides bending notes and beautifully laid harmonies. The drums bounce sharply between tight high hats and splashing cymbals, while the vocals fit comfortably on top. ‘Double J’ feels reassuring and reminiscent of Lazy Day’s previous releases – a perfect starter.

Heartfelt lyrics are heard loud and clear with isolated vocals in ‘Tell Me’. After an opening of a programmed beat and rolling guitar, the full band kick in mid-song, creating bustling, wholesome noise. ‘Baby’ is a lovely journey from song to song at only a minute long, cleansing the palate between tunes.

The already released single ‘Mumma’ nourishes ears with female empowerment and a pure adoration for Tilly’s mother. Staggered guitar and floating harmonies lift the song through to the dreamy middle eight before booting straight back into the catchy chorus. Tilly’s voice is fully shown off in ‘Mostly Me’ where the sparse drums leave space for sustained notes and vocal rusks. With the full band joining a minute in, the shoegaze melodies are similar to that of My Bloody Valentine.

From start to finish, Letters is a feat of emotion and riffs that is longed for by alternative music listeners and gig-goes, and should be heard by the many.

Letters is out via Weird Cool Records on 22nd March.