Long for the Coast - Orcombe Point (single release)

Long For The Coast – Orcombe Point

Long For The Coast – Orcombe Point

Long For The Coast have always stampeded with musical momentum but never in an intrusive way. The combination of Jamie Gould’s captivating yet feather-light voice, speedy chords changes and his wife Sophie’s beautifully reinforcing backing vocals which swell with serenity has a sound all to its own. Between the two they create what feels like an incredibly intricate piece of clockwork. Watching them live is a testament to how their passion and well structured song writing produces such an impacting story telling vehicle.

The new single ‘Orcombe Point’ is sprinkled with a deep lament. But it still manages to steer with that gentle triumphalism and glee for life which embodies their work. One of the opening lines “I saw God in car crash, holding tightly when the windows caved in and we all lost a friend” hits hard and as the song progresses it reflects a joy and hope despite, rather than within circumstances. It’s executed with a subtly and grace which gets below your cynical radar very easily. It will have you feeling the warmth and support of their friends and family who are the heroes of the story.

The introduction of bass and drums at the three minute mark, although slightly jarring due to the mix initially, soon settles in and propels the tale for another 90 seconds which then resolves elegantly. Catchy enough for repeat plays but narrative enough to connect you with the singer, this song feels a lot shorter than it is and successfully evocative of the peaceful and slightly melancholic view at a seaside pier.

It’s a charming tune, hopefully indicative of forthcoming work from the Totnes duo who have been too quiet in terms of releases for a while.

‘Orcombe Point’ is out now via PAKJOI Records.