Pocket Sun - Sleep Inventions EP

Pocket Sun – Sleep Inventions EP

Pocket Sun – Sleep Inventions EP

If you’re not familiar with Pocket Sun then sit down my friend, grab a room temperature pint of your tipple of choice and let me tell you about my favourite release of the year so far. The foundations of their music is built on a woozy synth fuelled landscape, dripping in angelic vocal runs and cosmic grooves. I’ve only managed to catch them live once – a bustling show at The Gallimaufry with a raucous crowd, who, quite frankly were being a bit too loud for my liking. I wanted to melt away and join Pocket Sun on their interplanetary adventure.

Sleep Inventions is a five track calypso tinted dream – I’ll stop with the sugary metaphors and get into the nitty gritty. It’s fulfilling and addictive (much like sugar believe it or not), I’ve had it on repeat since it’s birth and thus resulted in my last.fm account appearing in their Top Listeners section. Opening track ‘Lucid’ begins with a swirling synth which teeters on the vaporwave scale, vocals from Gina Tratt – the captain behind the operation – are soulfully soothing, raspy and cool vocal runs are at the forefront of this track. A shimmering opening track which reaches celestial peaks.

The two-step groove ‘Plastic’ is infectious, the whimsical lyrics ‘sending signals into the sky / before long we’ll be saying goodbye’ are delivered softly and are almost verging on ASMR levels of tingly. Think the wispyness of Tennis meets Little Dragon, that’s the only reference I have, as cliche as this is going to be, I can’t think of anyone else who is doing what Pocket Sun are doing right now. In a league of their own is an understatement, they’re in a galaxy of their own and I’m here for it.

This EP is all fantasy no filler. The fizzy five track EP packs a punch, sonic soundscapes complete with echoed vocals and tangled synth lines have me weak in the knees. Definitely on the top of my ‘I need to see them perform again soon’ list.

Check out Sleep Inventions above which is out now.