Releases Of The Month - March 2016

Releases Of The Month – March 2016

Releases Of The Month – March 2016

Oh March, you’ve certainly treated us to an exciting month of music. There’s been a lot of releases all over the spectrum, keeping us more than busy as we approach into the spring season.

Here’s a run down of some of favourite releases this month.

Låpsley – Long Way Home

Following up from her fantastic debut EP Understudy, Låpsley has certainly come into her own with full-length debut Long Way Home. Pop songs that are original, sharp and destined for chart success; Låpsley has cemented her place in the scene with striking vocals, heartfelt songwriting and top notch production that weaves everything together into one perfect package. She’s only going to get better and better – we highly recommend.

White Denim – Stiff

Texas quartet White Denim return with their 7th studio album and one that doesn’t disappoint. Both punchy and contagious with the touch of Texas swag, their funky guitar lines, rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities and soaring vocals will have you bouncing around all day long. If you like music and having a good time then is album is one for you.

The Crisis Project – Xylem/Phloem EP

March has certainly been a busy one for Bristol music with some cracking releases. Here’s one we’ve thoroughly enjoyed from The Crisis Project with their breathtaking new EP Xylem/Phloem. Pulsating rhythms and immersive sounds as the EP takes you on a hypnotic 3D journey of beauty, emotion and thought while envoking the ambient and psychedelic presence of artists such as Tycho and Flying Lotus. The Bristol based project have outdone themselves with this one.

Roo Panes – Paperweights

There’s always calmness and clarity when listening to singer/songwriter Roo Panes. His second studio album Paperweights follows suit as he explores his thoughts once more. Folk that’s striking and authentic, leaving you reflecting your lifetime tales; this record is nothing short of impressive from Panes as his distinctive vocals and wealth of ideas comfort you throughout.

Muncie Girls – From Caplan To Belsize

From Caplan To Belsize by Exeter’s Muncie Girls holds no boundaries as the female-fronted trio grip you with their refreshing approach to punk rock music. As we summarised in our full review, it’s a record that merges the personal and political completely, a high octane mix of angst, politics and punk, a mix that makes up all of the greatest records.

Oh, The Guilt – Self-titled EP

Another Bristol release that has certainly impressed this month. Three-piece Oh, The Guilt deliver a level of post rock that’s strictly unique. Atmospheric and emotive that incorporates the melodic sheen of shoe-gaze with heavier post rock textures. The band’s sound is even more powerful live as we’ve experienced at their launch show earlier this month. Ones to watch for sure.

The Thermals – We Disappear 

This month saw more comeback releases then we could count but The Thermals return with their 7th album We Disappear has certainly been one of our favourites. Balancing light and dark, punk and pop, We Disappear is an all out record that’s intensely personal, led by Hutch Harris’s abrasive lyrics on social related issues. It’s music that’ll make you think but also have you jumping around at the same time.

Why We Love – The Boy You Knew EP 

The last of our Bristol releases this month from the ever so talented four-piece Why We Love. Their latest EP is by far their best work to date and first from newly signed label My Little Empire Records. This one has everything; charming rhythms, infectious hooks and lyrics that will have you singing for hours. Beautifully crafted and executed in such a manner that sets them apart from the rest. The Boy You Knew is all the music love that you’ll need in one place.

Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

It has certainly been a story of stardom for acclaimed Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora Asknes, most notably her cover of Oasis’s ‘Half The World Away’ which made it in John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas Advert. Asknes debut All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend packs a bite that no doubt leaves a permanent mark. Songwriting that’s far beyond her years (she’s only 19) but also music that continues to shape-shift throughout as elements of folk and pop intertwine in unison. From stunning single ‘Runaway’ to the powerfully pop driven ‘Running With The Wolves’; Aurora takes everything head on, showcasing her undeniable confidence at such a young age.

Wyldest – Dark Matter EP

“dazzling dream pop that’ll swoon you in second” – London based three-piece Wyldest have had us hooked for a good while with their spell-bending dream pop. Debut EP Dark Matter out now via Hand In Hive has been a long time coming, offering a beautiful balanced presentation into their dark and creative world. Hit the play button and you’ll immediately lose yourself to the emotive stories from lead singer Zoë Mead, while Holly’s glittering guitar strings and Jack’s echoing drums combine to envoke a powerful presence that’ll have you coming back for more. It’s an impressive and delicate debut to add to your music collection.