Gigs From A Distance Revisited with BRIDGES + Rozelle

Gigs From A Distance revisited with BRIDGES and Rozelle.

Back in March, when decisively and swiftly the local venues starting closing their doors in what has felt like some sort of unadventurous disaster movie, countless bands across the city suddenly had gigs disappearing like biscuits in a hungry household. So we thought we’d introduce ‘Gigs From A Distance’ where we used the Tap The Feed Youtube Channel (click to subscribe by the way) for some of those artists to send in videos of their music from wherever they may be able to film them, be it the lounge, bedroom or even bathroom so that music fans could grab a glimpse of what they were now missing.

One of our first contenders was frequent Bristol visitor and lover of the Louisiana, BRIDGES. Having the lock-down land just before the release of their single ‘More than you know’, they sent us in a solo performance from singer and guitarist Ethan in his spare room. As part of their forthcoming EP along with ‘Stole the Words’ and ‘Wishbone’ we thought we’d have a chat with him about the recordings and let everyone hear the full band versions, they worked so hard on. We discuss the future of live and/or online music, a possible album appearing next summer and whether the Queen of Naboo really was an inspiration to Beyonce?

Bristol band Rozelle were in the fortunate position of all living together when the streets went quiet and they did quite the opposite. Having just spent 18 months in songwriting hiatus, they were already in the flow of releasing a single a month and just rolled with the punches. With their fourth single ‘Tell me’ arriving in July we hear an exclusive sneaky live version from the home studio. We chat with lead singer and songwriter Hayley discussing ‘Searching for a Revolution’ and it’s tennis-themed, racket snapping caper of a video. Also, the lock-down miming collage that accompanied the most recent song ‘Get Out Alive’ which has been a surprise hit in Brazil.