Tap The Feed Christmas Podcast: Wasuremono

Wasuremono have been spreading their reverb-drenched soundscape ditties for close to five years now. Since catching the attention of Radio 6’s Steve Lamacq with their third EP Kaboom they released their first full album Something Left Behind this year which featured the singles ‘For all the Bears’ and ‘England’s Slave’. This LP successfully combined a Nursery Rhyme ilk of song writing with an eerie dream-pop style where retro synths and 80’s drum machines fill the music with colour.

We sat down to talk to them about their new album Are You OK? which will be released in the new year. This will feature the recent single ‘Lonely Type’ which has had a blossoming success on playlists and radio including, quite surprisingly, a bar frequented by the military in Bosnia according to drummer Isaac. We discuss the myriad of stories and idea’s behind their unusual assortment of video’s including the Honey Badger, International Korean pop societies and YouTube algorithms which are placing clown deaths in unexpected places. Also we touch on their experiences warming up for ‘The Flaming Lips’ earlier in the year.

This features music from their third EP Kaboom, four tracks from their previous album ‘Something Left Behind’ and the recent single ‘Lonely Type’. Also a brief attempt at an improvised Christmas song.