Tap The Feed Podcast: Emily Breeze

Emily Breeze, who is based in the South West, has been writing and performing around the British music scene for over ten years under either her own name or as the singer and song writer for the former psychedelic rock band Candy Darling. With dirty guitar distortion bubbling out of every crack and a retro synth whiff constantly in the air, she injects a certain sense of glamorous sleaze into her songs whilst carrying a deadly serious flippancy.

Her new album Rituals due for release later this year featuring the singles ‘Limousines’ and ‘Ego Death’ has a cinematic theatricality to it. While the mood and themes of the songs are very dark at times, there is a flamboyant colour which drives the heart of the music. We sat down to discuss faded and brittle Hollywood Queens, serial killers, the number two bus route, cheap blonde wigs and poison apples among other subjects.

The second single ‘Ego Death’ is due for release at the Hen and Chicken in Bristol on 8th March.