Tap The Feed Podcast: Luke Marshall Black and Gürl

This podcast has the unusual status of being recorded just before and during the first virus outbreak lock-down in British history. But that being said we still managed to get hold of two extremely talented acts to fill your ears with this month.

Luke Marshall Black

We first met Luke during our original Aria Music session two years ago. Since then he has released two singles with a third ‘Let love go’’ featuring on this podcast and making up the last of his debut trio. It was released on 27 March. Perfectly suited to pre-drinks music (once we can actually go back to the pubs) Luke’s collaboration with producer Tim Allan has created a rich and emotionally mature-sounding pop music. We discuss a future debut album, busking and the Glaswegians persistent Lewis Capaldi references in his reviews. Unfortunately, the release gig on 3rd April has now been cancelled but fortunately, we can hear from the man himself here with all three of his debut singles.


For a Neo-Soul underbelly fused with helpings of psychedelic sounds slightly reminiscent of MGMT or Flaming Lips but stirred with touches of hip-hop possessing a cinematic demeanour; this is perhaps the band for you. We interviewed Josh and Jonny via Skype as it would be illegal for us to speak in person (just process that for a moment). With videos as in-depth as the music, we talk about Aria Music’s Rob Short featuring alongside a dance team via a sort of telepathic link and European skateboard dancers who were flown into the British coast for the second video ‘Yumm’. The band have an unprecedented level of content awaiting release following their new single ‘Saga’ due out later this month.