Tap The Feed Podcast: Robi Mitch

Robi Mitch, formerly of Robi Mitch’s Featherweight Soul, had been in the songwriting cellar for quite some time before recently re-emerging as a solo act. He came back armed with a bundle of new material and an EP which was digitally released in December. Now with a stack of vinyl copies of his new Our Year EP ready for sale, we sat down to chat about everything from Taiwan pop to the Muppets, Siberian wedding singers, his songwriting inspirations and why everyone seems to hate Bono these days?

This podcast contains all four tracks from the EP and even an exclusive early mix of a single scheduled for release in April with the working title ‘Son Sun’. This offers a real insight into the background of each song, breathing ever more life into them. A bit indie, a bit 70’s psychedelic with a gentle funk bubbling below the whole time.

Robi Mitch releases his vinyl of Our Year on 30th January with his next show supporting Tamasene at The Gallimaufry on 28th January.