Tap The Feed Podcast: The Hysterical Injury

The Hysterical Injury have been quiet for quite some time but rumbling below the surface during that period have been creative goings on a plenty which are due to bubble over very soon.

Joined by Dave Artscare from Artscare Bristol who has a long history with Annie and Tom Gardiner going back to some of the bands earliest projects; we extensively picked their brains. Be it the stories behind the Blood Burst EP, Gordon Raphael’s Carrot and Avocados, Annie’s improv project Marcy, several hours of vomit footage, her retro keyboard based pop album or her ‘three chords and the truth’ collection simmering away in the background or even Tom’s comedy dance effort ‘DJ Earning Sterling; we covered it all.

But most importantly, The Hysterical Injury have been back in the studio and are due to release a single called ‘Mother Rain’ in December which will precede a new album called Life Death Life emerging in the new year. It’s being described as particularly progy by those who’ve heard it and features a bunch of extra musicians. It’s not like anything they produced before as you’ll hear.