Tap The Feed Podcast: Vocal Variation

This month, we decided to look at the variation in the ways people choose to use their voices and how it lends itself to the style and intention of their music. So we got together a trio of incredibly talented but highly varied artists.

Starting with Millie Phipps, we have an understated folk theatricality which lends itself to her lyrical skill and story telling. With vocal lilts, pithy turns of phrase, moments of quiet anger and an unmistakably Parisian thread we are treated to several tracks from her forthcoming album. She can also be seen in her side project Bumble Fumble (aka Flight of the Condoms).

Second we are joined by David Joey Mitchell (aka King David) with a mixture of spoken word poetry and rap. With a love for spontaneity and free rhyming arrangements he likes to bounce around the topics with a hope filled praise of Bristol with all its optimism and creativity to everyday resurrection and feeling connected to God. He finishes with a cheeky ‘Ninja Tunes’ feeling, completely fabricated true story called ‘Faux Pas’.

We close with Ed Graves, a long time guitarist and musical director who has recently started his solo project and kicked off by playing in Amsterdam and Camden. His smooth voice blends with the music which is of a sweeping and elegant Jeff Buckley feeling magnitude. With intricate and skilled guitar parts the music has a cinematic feel and uplifting quality. He describes the project as in early days and is busy putting songs together in the studio but played us three of the finished tunes.