Tap The Feed x Aria Music Session – Neo Soul

In our third session with Rob Short and Aria Music we look at the diverse genre that is Neo Soul. We feature two artists who put out singles last October which were featured on Tap The Feed.

First up, we have Chrissie Huntley who last year released the single ‘If Only I Could’ which approached the issue of mental health head on including a campaign called ‘Let’s Talk About It’ which raised money for Mind mental health charity. Her gentle lulling voice has a disarming effect as she delivers highly personal and emotive songs. Intricately woven melodies often build to impressively powerful peaks which edify rather than lambast the listener.This also features a new song called ‘Out Loud’

Richard The Fourth is our second performer having previously featured on the original Aria Music Podcast. Since putting out his single ‘Scuff’ last year which was littered with a distinctive collection pseudo-electronica sounds he has been busy writing new material after a short hiatus which followed the single. He discusses how he grew into writing within the Neo Soul whilst still incorporating elements of Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. With an assortment of Jazz Chords and a passionate vocal delivery, he shifts within his impressive vocal range creating an intense but beautiful final chapter of the recording.