The Feed: Goan Dogs, Hop Along, Haux and more

The Feed: Goan Dogs, Hop Along, Haux and more

The Feed: Goan Dogs, Hop Along, Haux and more

The Feed: Goan Dogs, Hop Along, Haux and more

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Brrrrrrrrrrr so so cold! As we type this in below minus temperatures, how about we all warm up to these fine new tunes of the past week.

Goan Dogs – Passing Through

“We’re all just passing through”. Goan Dogs are firing things up with sizzling new single ‘Passing Through’ which showcases their evolved sound; guitar pop with bags of soul and funk that’ll have you hooked in seconds.

Hop Along – Not Abel

Another gem from Hop Along’s forthcoming album Bark Your Head Off, Dog; ‘Not Abel’ again taps into the personal storytelling of lead singer Frances Quinlan but their sound taking a more adventurous pop route which feels much warmer and comfortable.

Haux – Ricochet

A fitting song for those wintery nights; Haux’s latest cut ‘Ricochet’ will make the world stop around you, pulling you in close with glistening chords and duet harmonies for an exquisite finale.

Hattie Briggs – Early Girl

Releasing one of five songs this year, Hattie Briggs showcases her talents in personal track ‘Early Bird’; turning anxiety to joy and love, the song blossoms from its deep songwriting connection and dazzling folk arrangements to present a piece that’ll instantly melt your heart.

The Death Of Pop – 700 Spas

One of two returns this week. The Death Of Pop have dropped an impressive new track ‘700 Spas’ which turns back time (the sound of course) to retro guitar pop, trading away their familiar shoegazing dream pop. An all out winner which is catchy from the get-go. The song comes from their new EP Heads West, out next month via Leisure Records.

Parquet Courts – Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience

More infectious guitar pop with the return of Parquet Courts. Thrashing guitars and drums at the start before speeding up in the final third along with Andrew Savage’s harsh vocal that grips all the way through; sounding as good as ever.